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Low Birth Weight and Very Low Birth Weight Neonates with Congenital Heart Disease: Timing of Surgery, Reasons for Delaying or not Delaying Surgery

  • V. Mohan Reddy
    Address correspondence to V. Mohan Reddy, MD, Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Stanford University, 300 Pasteur Drive, Falk CV Research Center, Stanford, CA 94305-5407
    Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Stanford University, Stanford, CA
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      Conventional management of low birth weight and very low birth weight neonates was composed of deferring corrective surgery by aggressive medical management or palliative surgery which does not require cardiopulmonary bypass. However, while waiting for weight gain, these neonates are at risk for various comorbidities. In the current era, this “wait and let the baby grow” approach has not been shown to result in better clinical outcomes. Early primary repair hence has become the standard strategy for congenital heart disease requiring surgery in these neonates. However, there still exist some circumstances, which are considered to be unfavorable for corrective surgery due to medical, physiologic, surgeon’s technical and institutional-systemic factors. We reviewed the recent literature and examined the reasons for delaying or not delaying surgery.
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